Last week we’ve released Alfred Workflow PHP (now renamed Alfred Workflow ScriptFilter) to easily create Alfred Workflows in PHP. The idea came from trying to extend our own Alfred Time Workflow, which proved to be quite difficult. The lack of a good test suite made it hard to confidently add new functionalities and we kept breaking other parts of the system while doing so. The Workflow was built using mainly an OOP approach, but the scripts called directly by Alfred itself were procedural and again hard to test. So we needed a better solution. This is why Alfred Workflow ScriptFilter was created.

Now that we can re-write and extend Alfred Time easily, we faced the same issue with configuration settings. How to read and write settings naturally and build something that anyone can use for their Workflow. This time we came up with Alfred Workflow Config.

No more lines and lines of codes to handle your settings, our API makes it easy, fun and beautiful. Have a look at the README on GitHub and let us know what you think!

As always, happy coding and happy productivity.