UPDATE: the Dash Docset Builder is now available as a standalone Composer package!


Lately I’ve been mostly using Tailwind CSS to build the UI of my projects. I find it very important for me (not just with design and development but in all areas of life) to enjoy the process, and to focus as little as sanely possible on an outcome. That’s where Tailwind CSS came in: very pleasant experience to deal with, and you can build prototypes quickly.

I work also on an iMac with Split Screen: half the screen for my code editor, half from the browser. Switching macOS Spaces or tabs in the browser is pain, slows down my workflow, and I get confused and tired after a while. Now this is where Dash comes in: you can have the documentation of the tools you use right in your face rather than having to change Space, or to open a new tab in your browser.

Unfortunately, the Tailwind CSS documentation didn’t exist for Dash. So I built it. And while I was at it, I built some other documentations too. And then I build a Dash documentation builder.

So, if you’re using Dash and the documentation you want is not included, you can easily use my builder and make your own.

Instructions are on GitHub: https://github.com/godbout/dash-docset-builder

Happy creations!