It started as a paid app closed source, it is now a paid app open source. kindaVim brings Vim motions to the whole macOS, in texts and in UI. It costs a coffee a month or else the app “falls asleep” sometimes. Or you can just compile it from scratch and you’re good to go.

Available on

The source is as usual on GitHub:

EDIT: as of June 2022, kindaVim is not open source anymore. Even though it was made clear in the README that i would not do OSS support, I kept receiving a lot of messages, from people who couldn’t compile the source. I couldn’t not help myself to answer, because 1) people have the right to ask 2) they may not have seen the README. But in almost all the cases, it was about people not wanting to pay for a license, not wanting to use another open source/free app, and also not wanting to spend time learning how to compile. By closing the source, I am now able to ignore those messages guilt-free.