I’ve been writing fiction at sleeplessmind.info since 2009, and psychology/philosophy at From OK to Great since 2014.

Last year, I started recording new words in order to improve my vocabulary. I built a little web tool where I can record new words, use flashcards to test my knowledge, and have random words thrown at me to force myself to use them and practice.

I’ve updated the tool so that anyone can register and start building their own glossary. It does help me get better at writing so if you think it might help you too, feel free to register and start recording!

The main page: vocabulary-builder.
To register: register.

There’s also a FAQ where you can see what you can do with the tool: FAQ.

When you don’t register or login, you can play with the demo words.

If you have any suggestion or if you find something that doesn’t work well, please let me know in the comments below.

Never stop learning!

(If you’re into those kind of silly things, the source code is available on GitHub.)